Sonoma County Wildfire Loss Attorney

California Wine Country has long-since been a red zone for wildfires. The recent firestorm, however, has broken records in terms of property destruction and deaths. The “unprecedented” firestorm included 21 major conflagrations and affected multiple counties in Wine Country. The fires greatly impacted Sonoma County, killing 11 residents and burning almost 60,000 acres. If you’re one of many Sonoma County residents dealing with serious damages after the fires, come to Eric Ratinoff Law for the help of a California wildfire attorney. A Sonoma County wildfire loss attorney could help you recognize options for recovery.

Assessing the Damage in Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County saw several different blazes that began on October 8th and continued to burn for weeks. The fires that touched through the county include the Nuns, Adobe, Norrbom, Pressley, Partrick, and Oakmont Fires – all of which merged into just the Nuns Fire by October 18th. The Nuns Fire burned from east Santa Rosa to east of the City of Sonoma, covering 56,556 acres and destroyed around 1,200 structures. Two people perished in Nuns Fire – one civilian and one private water tender operator.

Tubbs Fire also affected Sonoma County, striking between Calistoga and Santa Rosa. The Tubbs Fire has become the most destructive in the state’s history of wildfires. It burned 36,807 acres, destroyed 5,500 structures, and took 22 lives. Other fires that hit Sonoma County were the Pocket Fire, 37 Fire, and Fort Fire. Experts say that the extreme conditions and unusually high winds in the region contributed to the massive destruction that the blazes in Wine Country caused. The fires were too fast moving for firefighters to get ahead of them.

Sonoma County is now in the early stages of wildfire recovery, although county officials warn that the region is not out of the woods yet. Conditions remain prime for wildfires, with a red alert still in effect from Kern to San Diego counties. Many businesses in the county have already reopened for business, while others with more damage, including B. Wise Vineyards, Fountaingrove Inn, Best Western, and Hilton Sonoma are closed. Check the county’s wildfire update page for the latest information.

What to Do as a Victim of the Sonoma County Wildfires

If you’re one of many Sonoma County residents who cannot return home due to damage, or who does not have a home to return to at all, help is available near you. The Sonoma County wildfire loss lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law are ready and able to assist fire victims with homeowners insurance claims and other potential means of recovery. Wildfire victims may have grounds to file personal injury claims against one or more parties as investigators uncover who or what caused the fires. If this is the case, you could be eligible for a significant settlement.

Wildfire litigation requires an investigation into what caused or contributed to the fire. Government agencies such as Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission are currently investigating PG&E for possible negligence relating to the California Wine Country Fires. As a fire victim, your first move should be to seek medical attention for any related injuries – including harm from smoke inhalation. Next, contact your insurance agent and start the claims process. Then, contact our team for a complimentary consultation about what to do next.


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