Pawnee Wildfire Loss Attorney

The Pawnee Fire in Lake County has been 100% contained as of Sunday night. The wildfire, which began on June 23, caused evacuation orders and resulted in the destruction of 22 structures. Residents were not only uprooted from their homes, some were unable to even return to their homes.

Homeowners insurance policies won’t always cover the total amount of damage caused to your home and personal possessions by a wildfire or worse, you may not even have any fire insurance at all. If your home was damaged by the Pawnee Fire then the wildfire loss lawyers at Wildfire Trial Lawyers can help. Contact us to find out what your options are for recovering damages.

 Facts About the Pawnee Wildfire

At 5:21 pm on June 23, the Pawnee blaze began northeast of Clearlake Oaks in the Spring Valley Lakes subdivision then ravaged through Indian Valley Reservoir and Walker Ridge before entering Colusa County. Evacuations were ordered, affecting residents located near Highway 20 in Double Eagle Ranch subdivision to the east and Spring Valley. After several days evacuation orders were lifted, but then an unexpected flare-up generated a mandatory evacuation on June 30 affecting Double Eagle Ranch residents.

Cal Fire was able to 100% contain the blaze two days ahead of their estimated timeframe. To stay on the safe side, they also still have two fire engines patrolling the perimeter.

The amount of destruction left behind by the wildfire accrued to 15,185 acres burned, 22 structures lost, and six more that were damaged. A firefighter was also injured while combating the blaze. What exactly sparked the Pawnee Fire into motion is still unclear. The investigation into who or what is liable is ongoing.

What To Do Now

If you or a loved one have fallen prey to the Pawnee Fire then you’ll be needing to file a claim with your homeowner’s insurance right away. Filing a claim can often be a daunting task in which unanticipated issues arise. Insurance policies may not cover your total losses and the insurance company may try to pay you less than what you are owed. Having someone on your side can make all the difference. Speak to the wildfire attorneys at Wildfire Trial Lawyers. We are a team of experienced wildfire attorney and we can help you with your homeowner’s insurance claim and also go over your other options for recovering damages.

Unfortunately, there are many different ways the Pawnee wildfire could have caused unexpected expenses and problems. The mandatory evacuation, although necessary for your safety, may have forced you to shell out funds for a temporary residence. Also, even if your house was not burned down, there’s the possibility of harm from embers; which may have found their way to your home and caused charring. Your windows and vinyl siding could have sustained heat damage. Air conditioners and pools may need a thorough cleaning because they were covered in ash and affected by the smoke and the list goes on from there.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation into the cause of the Pawnee Fire, victims may have the right to file personal injury claims against the liable party. Wildfire Trial Lawyers will negotiate for you and fight to get you full compensation for your losses. Contact us today for your free consultation.






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