Calistoga Wildfire Loss Lawyer

The most destructive wildfire in California’s history recently blazed through Calistoga, leaving behind unparalleled damage. The Tubbs Fire began in Calistoga, off of Highway 128 and Bennett Lane, on October 8th at 9:45 p.m. In the subsequent few hours, it burned with remarkable speed all the way down to Santa Rosa. Today, Calistoga evacuees are displaced while trying to deal with monumental property damages and losses. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance policies will not provide total coverage for destroyed homes and personal possessions. Speak to the Calistoga wildfire loss lawyers at Eric Ratinoff Law to explore other opportunities for damage recovery.

About the Calistoga Wildfires in California

As the Tubbs Fire gathered its first sparks, Calistoga Mayor Chris Canning ordered all the residents of Napa County to evacuate. Sadly, 22 people could not escape Tubbs Fire in time to survive. Others suffered serious burn and smoke inhalation injuries. All in all, Tubbs Fire burned 36,807 acres in Napa County and Sonoma County. Tubbs Fire is still active as of October 25th, 2017, although firefighters have it 94% contained.

The cause of the Tubbs Fire is currently under investigation. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is at the center of current investigative efforts, due to potential evidence against the company for negligence relating to the wildfires. Several firefighter reports cited downed power lines and power structures in the fires. PG&E has a history of negligence that lead many not to doubt its possible involvement in the most recent wildfire catastrophe. In the past, investigations have found PG&E liable for the 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline explosion and the 2015 Butte Fire.

If an individual or entity is indeed responsible for starting Tubbs Fire, an attorney can help victims hold the party accountable for negligence. For example, if the investigation finds that PG&E was negligent in the maintenance of its power poles and trimming of the vegetation around the poles, injured Tubbs Fire victims in Calistoga may be able to bring personal injury and wrongful death claims against PG&E for possible settlements. Lawsuits against the company in the past have led to record-breaking verdicts for accident victims.

Explore Your Legal Opportunities With Our Calistoga Wildfire Attorneys

After surviving the most destructive wildfire in California’s history, personal damages and losses are to be expected. That’s why Calistoga wildfire loss attorneys like those at Eric Ratinoff Law have amped up their efforts in helping wildfire victims recover. Ratinoff and his team have gathered resources for Calistoga wildfire victims, including the latest information on rebuilding efforts and tips on what you should do while you’re displaced from your home. A conversation with an attorney can help you feel much better about the future, no matter how much you lost in Tubbs Fire.

It is an unfortunate reality that your insurance policy will not provide enough coverage for total home or business loss. There will be gaps in coverage, but this does not necessarily mean you’ll be paying for your losses out of pocket. Talk to our lawyers to find out if you have other opportunities for recovery, such as a personal injury lawsuit. Our team can help you negotiate settlements with insurance companies and fight for full compensation of fire-related losses. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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