Napa Valley Wildfire Loss Attorney

Napa Valley is one of the world’s most famous viticultural regions, known for producing top-quality wines. It is a thriving center for international tourism, wine tasting, and agriculture. Sadly, Napa Valley recently experienced widespread devastation in the outbreak of fast-moving wildfires that engulfed California Wine Country in October 2017. The blazes took 42 lives, destroyed 8,700 structures, and damaged 22 wineries as of the latest updates. If you’re a Napa County wildfire victim, you have allies at Eric Ratinoff Law. A Napa wildfire lawyer can help you take back your life. If you have questions about insurance claims or fire damage litigation, schedule a visit with us.

Do You Have Legal Opportunities After the Napa Valley Fires?

In the aftermath of a damaging fire, you could use assistance from a skilled Napa wildfire attorney to start the road to recovery. You require compensation to cover damages to your home, property, vehicle, and for the wrongful death of a loved one. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not contain adequate coverage for major losses. Instead, victims will have to pursue compensation through other means. Not with insurance claims. This is where a Napa Valley wildfire lawyer can help.

Facts About the Latest Napa County Wildfires

Napa Valley was right in the heart of the 21 major wildfires that scorched California almost from coast to coast. Napa County has suffered major fire damage to its neighborhoods, vineyards, and commercial properties. Although the county is already talking about rebuilding, the danger isn’t over – there is still a red alert in effect due to California’s extreme conditions. Three major fires impacted Napa Valley in the recent firestorm:

  1. Nuns Fire. The Nuns Fire grew into a six-conflagration fire by October 18th. It included the Nuns, Adobe, Norrbom, Pressley, Partrick, and Oakmont Fires. The Nuns Fire burned 56,556 acres in Napa Valley.
  2. Tubbs Fire. The Tubbs Fire hit Napa and Sonoma Counties, causing more destruction than any other California wildfire on record. Tubbs Fire destroyed 5,500 structures and killed 22 people. It burned 36,807 acres as of October 25th.
  3. Atlas Fire. The Atlas Fire burned 51,634 acres in Napa Valley and destroyed 481 structures.

The smoke from these fires has cleared in most of the Valley, and businesses have already begun to reopen their doors. Unfortunately, thousands of Northern California citizens are coming home to major fire damage and property losses. If you are one such citizen, you don’t have to fight this battle alone. The Napa wildfire attorneys at Eric Ratinoff Law have experience helping victims just like you. We can connect you with resources within the Napa Valley community that may be of use to you, such as fundraising events and fire recovery. A Napa wildfire lawyer can also sit with you to explore your legal options.

Why Hire a Napa Wildfire Lawyer?

Wildfire litigators can estimate the value of your damaged properties and the costs of repairing or rebuilding them. They can communicate with insurance companies, file claims, and work with claims that insurers have unfairly delayed or denied. Our California wildfire lawyers can also pursue compensation through personal injury claims, seeking justice and accountability for those who caused the fire.

How can we help? Our legal team can work for you, striving to obtain maximum compensation for your losses. Let us investigate your potential claim today. Contact us to schedule a free consultation in Napa Valley or somewhere that is convenient for you.


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