Klamathon Wildfire Loss Lawyer

For over a week now, drought-stricken forest along the border between California and Oregon has been ablaze. Firefighters are continuing to battle the Klamathon Fire, which in its terror has already taken a life and injured three others. Fortunately, the firemen assigned to the blaze have gotten ahold of it and containment is at 95% as of Saturday evening. At the start, California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for where the wildfire began in Siskiyou County. Over 3,000 people were forced to evacuate, but have since been able to return home. For many that meant returning to find their homes safe and sound, some resident’s homes may have suffered slight or serious damage, while others may have nothing to go back to at all. If you find yourself a victim of the Klamathon Fire then help is available to you at Wildfire Trial Lawyers. A Klamathon wildfire lawyer can help you piece your life back together after such a terrible tragedy.

About the Klamathon Fire

The destructive Klamathon Fire began near the community of Hornbrook in Siskiyou County on July 5 before heading towards Oregon. The wildfire has chewed through 38,008 acres, destroyed 82 structures along its path, and damaged 12 more. A day after the fire began raging through Hornbrook, authorities discovered a deceased 72-year-old man near a severely burned home. His injuries were consistent with a fire-related death, but authorities reported that toxicology tests are being performed to confirm the cause of death.

Over the past week, nearly 2,300 personnel have worked towards setting containment lines. Three firefighters sustained injuries in midst of combatting the flames, one of which was hospitalized for three days due to serious burns he suffered to his face.

According to Cal Fire’s Incident Information page, both states together are providing a total of 1,304 personnel to continue working on keeping the deadly blaze contained. As of now, no further structures are threatened.

The cause of that Klamathon wildfire is still being investigated.

What to Do as a Victim of the Klamathon Fire

Although evacuation orders have been lifted, the struggle isn’t over yet. It’s time to salvage what you can and process having to rebuild or repair your home and life. To top it off, residents of Hornbrook that are able to return home are finding themselves without running water. According to the Hornbrook Community Services District (HCSD), the even when the water begins pumping again it will be unsafe to use or drink for about a week.

Having to deal with not having running water, being displaced, having a now damaged home, or no home at all can feel unbearable.

Victims of the Klamathon Fire can find refuge with Wildfire Trial Lawyers. Our experienced team of wildfire loss attorneys is ready and able to walk you through or handle your homeowners’ insurance claims, negotiate your settlement, as well as explore alternative routes for receiving total compensation for your losses.

As the investigation into the cause of the blaze unfolds, you may have the right to file a civil claim against the party or parties responsible and hold them accountable for your damages.

To discuss your rights with a Klamathon wildfire loss attorney about recovering your losses, contact us for your free consultation.


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